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A Deaf, Gay, Disabled Photographer

I'm generally not a fan of labels, unless they're on tins so I know what I'm eating. Identity on the other hand, that's important, so perhaps labels have a role to play if they help us to articulate who we are, where we share common ideals or experience, even within all the diversity that you get within those broad strokes that encompass my particular tins, which you'll find in the aisles marked deaf, gay, English, Irish (by descent and marriage), disabled and grudgingly late middle-aged. I'm a member of the Gay Photographers Network, so ding, there's a label to whizz through the self-checkout. Its important to me though. This particular label helps to tell the world my marriage partner is a man and sometimes the artwork I choose to create, whether its my photography or my writing, is informed by my life amongst LGBTQI+ friends and allies, and other artists who identify somewhere in that collection of diverse people. Disabled also defines me. Another ding at

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